Redefining Waste, One Thread at a Time

There continues to be an ever-growing trend globally that "if we don't see it, it must not be there".We toss our single-use items without a thought and have developed disposable lifestyle. At Five12, our mission is to redefine waste, one thread at a time.

Recycled Fishing "Ghost" Nets

More than 640,000 tons of abandoned fishing nets are currently in our oceans. These massive knots of woven fiber can remain adrift for substantial amounts of time and are often responsible for the accidental capture of many types of marine life including whales, fish, birds and turtles. Until recently, nothing been done to clean up this growing problem. In the last 5 years, Econyl, an Italian based mill offered incentives to fisherman to rescue abandon nets resulting in a regeneration process that creates a recycled nylon yarn.The technical properties of the fabric include UPF 50+ UV protection, high stretch, shape retention, muscle control, pilling resistant.

Recycled Bottles

Whether in landfills, rivers, or oceans, the single use water bottle has become one of the highest polluted object on the planet. Every bottle created that hasn't been recycled is still on the planet in some form. Working with some of the best textile mills, we have created several different fabrics using water bottles in a variety of blends and combinations.  

Recycled Coffee Grounds

By utilizing a patented process, we utilize used coffee grounds to our recycled polyester and nylon creating technical fabrics that are UV protected, odor resistant, and moisture wicking.

PFC Free DWR & Aquapel

PFCs (per- and poly-fluorinated chemicals) are all completely man-made chemicals which do not occur naturally. They are commonly used in DWR (durable water repellent) coatings and waterproof membranes. These fluorochemicals have been used for some time to give clothing water and stain resistant properties. They can affect both the wearer of the garment and the environment when it washes or rubs off jackets. It has accumulated in measurable levels in snow, ice and water around the world. For some PFCs there is evidence that they cause harm to reproduction, promote the growth of tumors and affect the hormone system.

Recycled "Sea Breeze" Cooling yarns featuring BRRR technology

We love the outdoors! Whether on the beach or in the mountains, body temperature regulation is critical to performance and comfort. BRR fabrics has created cooling textiles by infusing hollow yarns with cooling minerals. These yarns have been proven to wick moisture, rapidly dry faster, and instantly and permanently keep you cooler.

Recycled Windshields

Hundreds of millions of windshields are replaced each year equating to several billion pounds of glass and plastic in landfills. Partnering with a recycling and textile mill, we utilize the film in between the glass ( polyvinyl butyral ). The Film is cleaned and melted and repurposed into making our pack fabric waterproof.

Recycled, Biodgradeable, and Compostable Packaging

Packaging has become one of the worst contributors to non stop of garbage accumulation in landfills and in the oceans. Whether the plastic is recyclable or not, only 10% actually recycled. We at Five12, have and will continue to use Biodegrable packaging. All our mailers are compostable and starting in 2022, we will have water soluble degradable bags for each garment that completely degrades in water over 70.


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