Who is Five12


    We are a northwest based brand designed near Seattle, Washington with a team that covers from Vancouver BC to Oregon. We specialize in indoor and outdoor performance apparel and a variety of accessories. Being born and raised in the northwest, our everyday way of life has been translated into our collection. Our moisture managing fabrics not only keeps you dry on the inside from highly active situations but also on the outside from that typical northwest dreary weather. We design our collections with the environment mind. Holding our company to the highest standards of sustainability, we reduce, save and recycle. As of now, we us recycled coffee grounds, plastic water bottles and windshields. Constantly comping up with new ways that other recycled components can translate into performance apparel and accessories. 

     Combining 20 years of design experience with 25+ years of Volleyball and training experience was a perfect match to set out and create a collection different from the rest. Before each collection, we collaborate with our in-house athletes and sponsored team to see how we can improve on our fits, performance of the garment range of motion and durability. We all know that any small area can give athletes just the slightest edge in practice and competition. This is why we develop the best fabrics, create the best fits, and design a stylish collection that any athlete competing or not will feel good about what they are wearing.