See the link below to watch the Seattle Refined TV segment which aired on KOMO TV.

The PNW is the center of the universe when it comes to coffee and coffee lovers. But now a Tacoma company is taking its love for java to the next level - by turning recycled beans into fashion.

There's always a buzz around fashion - what's hot sells, obviously! The company Five12 Apparel in Tacoma is using coffee grounds in the fabric to produce their trendy clothes.

"We're all eco-friendly," said co-owner Brooklyn Gould-Bradbury. "We're not burning materials, we're recycling materials. Our clothing and our bags and our zip-up jackets are primarily coffee grounds but we also use water bottles and recycled windshields."

It works like this. Polyester is manufactured with shredded bottles, mixed with coffee grounds gathered from big companies, and through a heated process - coffee yarn is created and later spun into fabric.

And it's not just about style with Five12, it's about staying dry especially in our rainy climate. In fact, some jackets are even made especially with melted down water bottles.

Five12 says they used toughly 2,000 pounds of recycled coffee grounds, which equates to 45,000 cups of coffee (or 90,000 shots of espresso).

Talk about a company grounded here in the Puget Sound!

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