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Five12 Apparel is a first-of-its-kind sustainable performance activewear line created with 100% recycled, post-consumable materials. Our indoor and outdoor technical wear and accessories are created waste-to-wear and designed to help you lead both an active and eco-conscious lifestyle. We are Seattle natives who started the company in 2016 as a way to turn our passion for sustainability and ocean conservation into clothing with a purpose. Our upbringing as college athletes and love for the outdoors propels us to create collections that both reflect and protect our environment. Our team now spans down the coast from Vancouver to Oregon and are set to open our first storefront in Sumner, WA later this month. 

OUR MISSION: Five12 Apparel is on a mission to transform the activewear industry into one that is 100% sustainable. We hold ourselves and our company to the highest standards of sustainability, taking “reduce, reuse, recycle” to its fullest extent. Every aspect of our clothing and accessories - zippers, trims, base fabrics, etc. - are made completely from ocean garbage: recycled coffee grounds, discarded plastic water bottles, used car windshields, and now ghost fishing nets. We are constantly challenging ourselves to find new ways to create performance wear that reflects (and saves) our environment. 


With this Kickstarter, we are gearing up to launch our “OC (Ocean Cleanup) Collection,” an all-new innovative outerwear line completely made from discarded ghost fishing nets and recovered ocean plastics. Not only do our moisture managing fabrics keep you dry on the inside during active situations, it also protects you from harsh outdoor weather.  Everything we do - and will continue to do - will reimagine recycled materials. 



WHY GHOST NETS? Ghost fishing nets are one of the greatest killers of marine life and biggest threats to our oceans. Each year, thousands of miles of nets get lost in the water, injuring and killing sea life and contaminating the ocean for decades. Once these nets get loose animals - including fish, turtles, crustaceans, birds and more - get caught on reefs and destroy hard and soft corals, which in turn wipes out complete underwater ecosystems. 

Five12’s Huntington Hoodies and Santa Cruz 7/8 Crops are made from these very ghost fishing nets destroying our oceans. We gather, clean, melt and develop these nets into the recycled yarn used in our technical knits and woven garments. At Five12, we feel so passionately about  efforts made to protect our oceans and marine life that we will be donating 10% of all Huntington Hoodie profits to The Ocean Cleanup (via a non-affiliated donation). The more hoodies sold, the more funds will be directly impacting the clean up needed to protect and restore our waters.