Apparel from Coffee Grounds

Our performance collections are all constructed exclusively with S.cafe' fabrics. S.cafe' is a technical composite from coffee grounds.

The fiber is used to make yarn , and then into knitted or woven fabric. S.cafe' utilizes coffee grounds' natural ability to absorb odors for a comfortable

experience in high aerobic times. It also provides UV protection and has fast drying properties. 

Reducing our carbon footprint and making great performing apparel is our primary focus. S.cafe' grounds are collected from local coffee shops.

Instead of the local landfill , the used grounds are turned into performance fabrics.



Aquapel’ is the next generation in water repellency performance. Aquapel modifies fabric at the molecular level by permanently attaching hydrophobic ’whiskers’ to individual fibers that elevate liquids, causing them to bead and roll right off the fabric surface. It features a hydrocarbon polymer which is both more ecologically friendly and economically smart. The result is excellent performance-liquid repellency that’s breathable, durable and fast drying- while remaining both fluorocarbon free and PFOA free.




 Gear Bags from Recycled Windshields